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Killer Round Results
59 days, 14 hours ago
Here are the results of our killer round 381!

Most Kills:
Godfathers: Kilza with 43,137,737
Made Men: John Scalise with 7,735,485
Associates: Runner Up with 2,293,889

Most Deaths:
Godfathers: Dollabill with 10,913,054
Made Men: FORSAK3N with 5,615,471
Associates: Kricom with 1,926,487
Saint Valentine's Day Massacre
62 days, 21 hours ago
In honor of Jack McGurn and his unique plan 85 years ago to use of fake cops to take out Bugs Moran's top brass, we're happy to announce our Saint Valentine's Day Massacre Killer round!

Prizes will be paid out top the top killers in each tier (1M for Godfathers, 500k for Made Men, and 250k for Associates), and for the top 7 players and cartels (one for each of McGurn's victims).

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, cartels will be limited to 2 players each, all medals will be Valentine themed, and cartel prizes will be much higher (500k for first place!).

As always, thanks for playing The Mobster Game!

-Pauly & CtrlFreq
Training Update!
64 days, 20 hours ago
Tired of always having to guess what effect training your units will have? Our new training system takes the guesswork out of improving your resources!

In addition to telling you exactly where your turns are going when their levels go up, we've also provided far more insight into the unit strengths and weaknesses than any time in TMG history!
Lottery Jackpot Update
85 days, 15 hours ago
We're happy to announce an update to our lottery system. Players will still be able to purchase a ticket every six hours, however, we're now using a ticket-based system which means not every drawing will have a winner.

While not every drawing will have a winner, non-winning tickets and unclaimed prizes will roll into the next drawing, meaning bigger prize amounts, and more chances to win!
Training Update
102 days, 12 hours ago
Beginning this round, training prices will no longer decline over the course of the round, meaning you will need to buy early if you want to get the full benefit!
On the first Day of Christmas...
116 days, 22 hours ago
On the first of our 12 Days of Christmas, we'd like to begin with some announcements:

For the next 12 days, we'll be dropping off random amounts of reserve turns as stocking stuffers every 12 hours (9am and 9pm CST).

If you're looking to spread a little holiday cheer, we'll be running a 50% off sale on all turn packages through New Year's Day. (Sure, you have the family taken care of, but did you remember the Consig you've spent more time with than your siblings this year?)

We'll be releasing a small update to training with Round 373 - Training any resource above Level 1 will put you into Made Men, and training any resource above Level 3 will make you a Godfather.

Finally, just in time for the new year, we're happy to announce our new crop of helpers! When the word went out for qualified candidates, you guys didn't disappoint. Please join us in welcoming Opie, tiger, Trippz, Runner Up and malonebrown to the TMG staff!