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Trick Or Treat!
29 days, 15 hours ago
Today's challenge will be a little different - 150k reserves for each player who produces 10M units of any drug (or combination of drugs) between 1pm CDT today and 1pm CDT tomorrow!

(You're free to do with the drugs whatever you like - you just have to produce a total of 10M units during the 24 hours)
It's Halloween at The Mobster Game!
33 days, 8 hours ago
This week, we'll have doubled-up prizes, discounted turn packages, and random trick-or-treat turn drops all week long!

We'll also be running special promotions on facebook and on twitter, and the person with the most referral signups this week (by sharing your link on social networking sites, in email, or really however you like it) will win not only 5,000,000 turns, but also a first-of-its-kind referral medal.

Here's to a Happy Halloween at The Mobster Game!
Round 420 at TMG
47 days, 12 hours ago
It's round 420 at The Mobster Game, and we can't help but celebrate the success of our friends in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest!

Celebrate with us this round and partake of the top cash prize of $420, doubled turn prizes, turn sale (you pay 42.0% of normal price!), random turn hits, and green-themed resources!
Changes in 415
82 days, 9 hours ago
Beginning with round 415, we'll be making a handful of changes:

1) Hit contracts will now be bought and paid in account turns, and you'll be able to place contracts on either defensive units or operatives. Turns placed into contracts will be put into escrow, and will be returned to your account balance if left unpaid at the end of the round.

2) Defensives, operatives, and vehicles will become stronger. Each attack will result in fewer deaths, which means zeroing someone may take either an increased number of attacks or attackers, depending on how fast you want it done.

3) Due to the hit contract and the downward attack changes, we're raising the turn caps on the made men and godfather tier, and extending revenge to 48 hours.

As always, thanks for playing The Mobster Game!
The Dog Days Continue!
110 days, 8 hours ago
Congrats to the winners of the Dog Days cash prizes!

Kilza won $250 in Godfathers
Margaret McKenna won $125 in Made Men
Busty Galore won the $50 Associates prize!

Additionally, we here at The Mobster Game just aren't ready to let summer go just yet, so round 411 will continue the Dog Days fun!

While everything else will remain the same - uncapped godfathers, bonus turns, facebook contests, and the turn sale - we're going to raise the cash prizes this week. Godfathers will be competing for $400, Made Men $200, and Associates $100.

Thanks for playing!
The Dog Days Continue!
110 days, 16 hours ago
Summer is almost over, and while it's already time for the kiddies to head back to school, here at The Mobster Game, we just refuse to let it go without a fight!

That's why we're happy to announce, the Dog Days are being extended through round 411 - which means even more turn distributions, Million turn Made Men, uncapped Godfathers, half-priced turns, and Cash Prizes!

Thanks for playing!
Reminiscing during the Dog Days
112 days, 11 hours ago
Today, we honor those who have survived the longest during our over 7 years of non-stop mobster gaming.

Two players have have crossed the threshold of more than 400 rounds with us - they are Dollabill (408) and Dreadnaught (401).

(Dollabill also has the dubious honor of having more active rounds than either CtrlFreq or pauly)

And in the 300+ club, we have 23 players: Calvin, big dawg, Tonday, Mo0sey, Rumble, viv, smileuracnt, MOBSTERMIKE, UncleFreddy, TrippZ, Ellis Dee, kilza, calmhand, Hobbes, maverick, Busty Galore, Lazy Eye Fabiano, TheSundanceKid, Demize, Romeo, BALLER, Meyer Lansky, TaTas

Thank you all - we can't begin to tell you how much it means to have you still playing!
New resources in Round 410
118 days, 14 hours ago
Beginning in round 410 there will be three new units - an Operative, a Defensive Unit, and a Drug.

Pimps are a new medium-low defensive unit - a bit stronger and better marksmen than Thugs.
Cooks are a new high-level operatives that produce speed - they won't collect for shit, but man can they produce.

Both will consume the newly-available drug Hashish

Due to the change, Hookers will now be producing Hashish (don't ask how), but it will probably be cheaper just to buy it.
It's the Dog Days of Summer at The Mobster Game!
119 days, 3 hours ago
As the hot summer days stretch into August and there seems to be no end to the heat, we at The Mobster Game want to help you keep your cool.

Beginning this Saturday, August 2nd at 5PM Central, we'll be kicking off our Dog Days of Summer round which will no doubt be one for the record books when the final body counts are totaled.

Our Dog Days round will include several special features, such as:

Cash prizes for 1st place in each tier
Doubled turn prizes for players and cartels
Two new unit types and one new drug
No cap on transfers for Godfathers
1M turn cap for Made Men

Also, every night at 9am and 9pm CST during our round 410, we'll be giving away a random number of reserve turns.

And just in case those aren't enough to keep you busy, all turn packages will be 50% off for the entire round!

Thanks for playing The Mobster Game

Pauly, Ctrlfreq and the TMG staff