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Jackpot update (Ding Dong the Stops are Dead)
43 days, 2 hours ago
A quick update to the godfather jackpot - we're doing away with the plague of turn valuation stops in favor of a soft cap system. In the past, payout rate adjustments have been applied over the course of the round based on turn use, however this has proven to be clunky to manage and confusing to players.

Under the new soft cap system, taking effect in Round 575, transferred turns will increment the jackpot to a maximum of 20 times the Godfather tier minimum. For reference, this means with the current 250,001 tier minimum for Godfathers, only the first 5,000,020 turns a player transfers will cause the pot to increase.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask an admin.
Banking Update
76 days, 20 hours ago
We've disabled the ability to crack the bank and to pawn turns for the next few rounds while we complete an update to the banking function overall.

While it is our goal for bank cracking to be a legitimate path to ranking, the required effort to do so should be comparable to other means - and the pawn thing was a relic at this point.
Payout policy update
85 days, 2 hours ago
Effective beginning next round (569), we will no longer offer market-rate exchanges for cash prizes won in the Godfather tier as part of a streamlining effort. Prizes will be paid via paypal within within 6 hours of EOR - if you wish to apply an amount won against turns at current street prices, please notify an admin within that time period.