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A last chance for cheap turns
39 days, 15 hours ago
This Saturday, 5/21 we will begin deflating turns through adjustments to both prices and prizes, allowing us to return progressive cash prizes to the game.

During this effort, we will also be reducing our upgrades in number, maximum limit, and rate. If you are holding upgrades in your account, they will be exchanged at full face value for account turns this week.

But, before that kicks off, we'll be running a last-of-its-kind turn sale until Friday so anyone needing to is able to stock up before prices go up.

Thanks for playing The Mobster Game!
Congrats to our Birthday Party Killers!
81 days, 19 hours ago
Our Round 501 Killers:


1st: Kricom (161,711,877 kills) - 5.3M turns
2nd: FAHQ (66,346,685 kills) - 2M turns
3rd: Cliffy (8,240,083 kills) - 1.5M turns

Made Men:

1st: RaGe (10,125,663 kills) - 1M turns
2nd: Luciano (8,129,738 kills) - 750k turns
3rd: Ace (2,403,691 kills) - 500k turns


3Gherkins (5,209,707 kills) - 250k turns
Starlito (4,893,727 kills) - 150k turns
Dollabill (2,297,934 kills) - 100k turns

All prizes have been distributed - killer medals will be put in place shortly.
Ctrl's Birthday Party!
88 days, 18 hours ago
Join us in celebration of Ctrl's Birthday during Round 501!

During this killer round cartel defense will be active, so choose your 3 player cartel and strategy carefully. Do you play for part of the 10M turns we'll be paying out to the top 3 players in each tier? Part of the 10M turns we'll be paying out to the top 3 killers in each tier? Or do you go after our first-of-its-kind $501 prize to the cartel that produces the most Hashish during round 501? (it's one prize, you decide how to split it)

Oh, and I forgot to mention the 50% off all turn packages through Friday.

Thanks for Playing!

happy birthday to me...happy birthday to me ;)