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Player Loyalty Update
54 days, 3 hours ago
Today we announce the second update to our player loyalty program - and this one is specifically for those of you who play regularly with upgrades.

For every 10 upgrades you activate, you'll get one free!

"But what upgrade are you going to give me?" you may ask, followed by "Probably some crappy low made man upgrade right?" in a belligerent tone?

Well, that's entirely up to you! We'll randomly select one of the last 10 you've activated - so if you only play on 300/50k's, that's what you're going to get.

Thanks for playing The Mobster Game!

-CtrlFreq & Pauly
Change to the Player Loyalty Program
61 days, 1 hour ago
Today we're happy to announce an update to our player loyalty program. Beginning immediately, players will receive a prize for every 5 rounds completed, with bigger prizes every 10, 25, and 50 rounds!

The bonuses are set as follows:

Every 5 Rounds: 5,000 Account Turns
Every 10 Rounds: 100/15k Upgrade
Every 25 Rounds: 25k Account Turns
Every 50 Rounds: 300/50k Upgrade

Bonuses will be placed in your account at the end of the round.
Trick Or Treat!
94 days, 7 hours ago
Today's challenge will be a little different - 150k reserves for each player who produces 10M units of any drug (or combination of drugs) between 1pm CDT today and 1pm CDT tomorrow!

(You're free to do with the drugs whatever you like - you just have to produce a total of 10M units during the 24 hours)
It's Halloween at The Mobster Game!
97 days, 23 hours ago
This week, we'll have doubled-up prizes, discounted turn packages, and random trick-or-treat turn drops all week long!

We'll also be running special promotions on facebook and on twitter, and the person with the most referral signups this week (by sharing your link on social networking sites, in email, or really however you like it) will win not only 5,000,000 turns, but also a first-of-its-kind referral medal.

Here's to a Happy Halloween at The Mobster Game!
Round 420 at TMG
112 days, 4 hours ago
It's round 420 at The Mobster Game, and we can't help but celebrate the success of our friends in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest!

Celebrate with us this round and partake of the top cash prize of $420, doubled turn prizes, turn sale (you pay 42.0% of normal price!), random turn hits, and green-themed resources!